Thinking ahead so you don't have to . . .

There's always something exciting about staying in a new place and location.  However, that can also bring its own challenges such as not really knowing the area, not knowing when the shops close nor what's available and where to get some basics, like breakfast or that relaxing glass of wine upon arrival!


Most supermarkets close by 8pm and it all varies a great deal in more isolated areas, such as the Alpes.  There's also the matter of transport delays that can affect your well intended plans.  We know this, as it has happened to us on many occasions . . .


Therefore, we offer our guests a little 'piece of mind' to reduce such stress and help you concentrate on the more important things, like relaxing during your stay. 

There are 3 types of hampers to choose from that can be 'ready and waiting' for you on your arrival. 

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