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Making Yourself at Home

We have tried to anticipate our guest’s needs and hope you find everything you need to ensure a comfortable, relaxed and memorable stay. 

•WIFI:  Please search your browser for WIFI connection to Chalet Pitu      The Passwords is:    Wonderland

•The TV  - We appreciate that everyone’s tastes vary when they want a little ‘TV time’.  Therefore we offer two options:  Chromecast of which mirror images whatever you can get on your phone, including Netflix, international news, google etc.  Or, you can also screen mirror your phone and the directions for that are on the next page.

•1.  Download the latest ‘Google Home’ app to your phone


•2.  Make sure you are connected to the ‘Chalet Pitu’ wifi and have put in the password ‘Wonderland’


•3.  Turn the TV on and use the remote to locate the HDMI port of where the chromecast is plugged into the TV, either Port 1 or 2.

•3. Search for ‘chromecast’ under ‘add a new device’ from your app on your phone.  Once your phone finds it, then add the chromecast to your phone and name it, ie perhaps Venosc TV.

(continued on next page)

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